Campus Life


  • There is a central-controlled air conditioning system in each room.
  • Male and female housing are separated.
  • You will be arranged with a quad room (4 persons/room).
  • Each room has a shower and a toilet.
  • A kitchen, lounge, and launderette (coin-machines) are located as a shared space in each floor (cooking proper meals is not
    allowed. This is only for making snacks.).
  • You can access internet wire and free Wi-Fi in your rooms.
  • There are 24 hour security and secure entry systems

Lecture & seminar rooms – Global Zone

Global Zone, where the lectures of G-STEP are held, is in the Vision Tower B of Gachon University. This area is specially designed
for common use of foreign languages. Students have opportunities to use foreign languages in this whole area. Also, they can use
various up-to-date facilities to improve foreign language proficiency and global awareness.

Free Session Zone for running mentoring programs and studying

World On Air that provides TED, US dramas, CNN, BBC and many other broadcastings from all over the world

Information Retrieval for English E-learning

Internet Island where there are computers with English, Chinese, and Japanese O/S and application

Multimedia Hall for lectures, seminars and movie screening

Group Study Room for studying and seminars

Laptop Lounge that accommodates 10 laptops with free Wi-Fi

E-Newspaper for newspapers in English such as Korea Herald and Korea Times

World Information that provides information of education, culture, history, and tourism of 70 countries


Vision Tower Cafeteria is located close to Global Zone. It offers various kinds of meals that are suitable to G-STEP participants.

Moreover, there are many other restaurants that run privately with different kinds of food.